AST Dew Tour: Right Guard Open Skatepark Finals


Friday, June 20

I should seriously just copy and paste the finals story from Baltimore and stick it right here. Yes, Ryan Sheckler won. Again. And even though haters may be claiming the Dew Tour is fixed and that he’s already set to win at every stop just to keep the hype and the ratings up, it’s not true. Ryan Sheckler, f—king rips. He, by far, out skated everybody in the finals. He easily, deservedly, won. Just check the photos if you need proof. Everything he does is on another level and takes two or three tries, tops—and then he has the trick on lock for the rest of the day. For example, take one more look at his backside 360 up the mega Euro gap—that thing was built for BMXers to begin with and wasn’t even supposed to be touched in the skate comp. Hey, I’m just stating the facts. But enough about Sheckler.

The finals was pretty rad. Packed crowd. Good mix of skaters. The skies were crystal clear. And the format included two-minute runs for each rider, with the top six advancing to two jam sessions on two different parts of the course. This is where the mayhem went down. The first jam was on the Euro gap, rail, and hubba. As Ramos Rodolfo would hardflip revert up it, Carlos De Andrade would come back with the Brazilian attack and switch frontside flip down it. Boards and bodies were flying all over the place.

The second jam session was on the big rail and bank to flat rail, which Kurtis Colamonico destroyed. Try a kickflip back lip and a kickflip back noseblunt for starters. Dude’s good. Rodolfo Ramos had his 180 switch crooks dialed on that thing too. I won’t even mention Sheckler’s onslaught on the rail—going down, on bank to flat rail, and over the entire bank itself. It should be pretty self explanatory by now.


1. Ryan Sheckler
2. Rodolfo Ramos
3. Carlos De Andrade
4. Kurtis Colamonico
5. Austen Seaholm
6. Mike Peterson
7. Greg Lutzka
8. Jereme Rogers
9. Rodney Jones
10. Dayne Brummet
11. Chris Cudlipp
12. Jason Barr