Oceanside’s Asylum Boardshop premiered Brent Hyden’s Green Eggs and Hammers at the TWS skatepark on Friday. The local videos always bring out the biggest, loudest crowds and this one was no exception. The evening started off with a live music performance by The Great Electric Quest and a jam-packed skate session. All the San Diego County homies came through and filled the skatepark and parking lot. Hit up the shop to find out how you can get a copy of the video. –Oswaldo Sanchez

Photo’s from the Asylum Green Eggs and Hammers premiere at the TWS HQ:

The TWS HQ saw some vicious cranium shaking early in evening.

Plenty of camo and cell phone documentation.

Boards flew and faces were split.

Some skaters avoided the chaos by keeping it to the ledges in the parking lot. COP THAT TEE!

Adam Taylor came through to check the video.

Like I said, packed.

The ever-progressing art of digital self-portraiture.

QP fails were a regular occurrence that night. No liquid was lost on this one though. Props.

Woogie stopped by for a fakie hard.

The clips had the crowd howling.

Some iPhone bootlegging was happening.

Kirby and Zack Prince.

Mike Bricke was giving out celebratory headlocks.

Spirits were very high after the flick.

What better way to announce your departure than with a 120 decibel peel-out?

Photos by Oswaldo Sanchez

Check out the Green Eggs and Hammers promo and hit up Asylum for a copy: