Atiba Influences

It’s been almost eight years since I made the journey from colorful Colorado to smoggy Southern California. The plan was to work at a 7Eleven, but instead, I got a job working for Grant at TransWorld. At first there wasn’t much stuff for me to do, and then I got my chance. One of the first people to boldy go where not too many had been before was Matt Mumford. He’d just turned pro, and I was supposed to film him for the first TransWorld video, Uno, and also shoot photos on the side. I really didn’t know how to film, let alone know how to change the ASA setting on my camera. But Matt was one of the first people I’d shot stuff of that I didn’t want to ask to do a trick twice, so failure wasn’t an option. I want to take this opportunity to thank people like Mumford, Grant, Swift, Josh Beagle, Heath Kirchart, Jeremy Klein, Andrew Reynolds, T. Hawk, and many others who gave me a chance in that first six months of my mistake-filled career-and kept me out of 7Eleven.-Atiba