Ayala Skatepark – Chino, California

Answered by Mark Areano

Where is it?

Chino, California. Half hour east of L.A. in the inland empire. It’s actually in the same park where that heavily skated four-block is.


From the 71 freeway north, exit Soquel Canyon Parkway and go east. Soquel becomes Central Avenue, turn right on Edison and the park will be on the right in Ayala Park. Or you tech dudes can just mapquest the adress: 14255 Central Avenue.

What’s in the park?

It’s all concrete and has just about everything. A big rail, funboxes, manual pads, ledges, medium-size hubbas, two pyramid hips in a row, bowls with perfect metal coping, and a tighter clover bowl with tiles and pool coping.

Who designed it?

SITE Design Group (sitedesigngroup.com), good job guys.


When the sun comes up until ten at night.

Does it have lights?

Yeah, big stadium ones that take out most of the shadows.

What’s good about it?

It’s big, it flows good, and it makes the street and bowl guys happy.

What’s bad about it?

Soccer moms bringing kids with scooters, and you’ve got to dodge the cops if you don’t have full pads.

What pros skate there?

A ton. Yesterday I saw Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Stacy Lowery, Ed Templeton, Jim Greco, Spanky, and Chad Fernandez.

Any admission fees?

Hell no, it’s free.

Do you have to wear pads?

You’re supposed to, but nobody does because pads suck.

What about cops?

They’ve been known to raid the park and give out tickets for not wearing safety gear. So run away or hide in the bottom of the bowl where they can’t see you.

When does it get crowded.

After school and the weekends.

What are the chances of getting beat up?

Haven’t seen any fights, but I have seen some painful head on collisions with bmxers.

One to ten rating.

Nine, this place rips.