AYC Martry Collection


Hip hop and skateboarding have always lived on the same block, and while they've both worn a lot of different faces over the years, none are quite as classic as the 90s. Just the words "90s hip hop" conjure images of bright polos, color blocking and oversized geometry. It's a period in street-wear culture that's just too fly not to celebrate, which is why AYC is excited to announce the new Martyr collection.
A limited-edition assembly from the mind of Stevie Williams, Martyr takes you back to the golden era of hip hop when mix-tapes were just tapes, cell phones were called pagers, and there was no such thing as "the street-wear section."
"It's just such an iconic time, you know? Everyone who was in the street back then has a strong connection to all that: the music, the fashion, everything. It was a big part of my life comin' up, so I just had to put it out there in a collection and give a nod to my roots. Plus, all that stuff is dope and it's hard to find, so why not make it myself?"—Stevie Williams
The Martyr Collection features bright, 90s-inspired color-blocking and crisp iconography. It includes tees, hoodies, joggers, and (of course) a boonie hat. Shop the entire collection at select retailers and asphaltyachtclub.com