Baker Demo

Baker threw what is becoming their annual unofficial “Christmas” demo in East LA last Saturday. There were more kids there than I’ve ever seen at a demo in Southern Cal. The entire team showed up (minus Spanky and Dollin) and ripped the less-than-pro-caliber park. The kids were psyched to see their idols in the flesh, and the Baker boys didn’t mind being stampeded by fans for autographs and photos.

Over $15,000 worth of product was donated by Emerica, Baker, KR3W, Vans, RVCA, Volcom, and the Doogood Conservatory. Here’s the sick part—instead of just throwing the product to the masses, there was an orderly line-up and every kid got something. Cool, huh?Merry Christmas until next year, now watch the footage!

Don’t be fooled by the Reynolds-heavy footage, the entire team was ripping.