After seeing some skate spot destruction go down at MACBA in August, we thought the infamous Barcelona spot might have been destined for the RIP list. But today Barci local Pedro Moleiro hit us up via the TransWorld Twitter and posted an update with photos of a remodeled, and still skateable, MACBA. It’s not the same, but at the same time, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Take a look.


From Pedro’s post on his Web site:

“So this morning I went downstairs for my daily bread, and saw that the fences were removed today.

The changes:

– They destroyed one of the big stairs, now there’s only 3 of them, and the landing is way steeper than it was before. With the destruction of a great park of the big 4 they build a small plaza with new ledges.

-On the front, they build a new ledge right in front of the museums door. It’s a ledge similar to the one everybody skates, the one that is extremely rounded. With the construction of this new ledge, resulted a new ledge to drop, similar to the famous “hole ledge”, but smaller. It’s also possible to do tricks over the ledge.

-The famous hole ledge is now a ledge that goes along a set of 7 stairs.”

For more of Pedro’s remodeled MACBA photos, click HERE.