Barney Page Photo Gallery & Extended Captions

Photos and words by Oliver Barton

This compilation of Barney Page photos represents a steady stack of tricks that Barney has got on a few trips to America and accurately depicts how Barney skates day in day out. Barney's mental approach to skating is very unique, a craftsman by trade, Barney loves checking out new spots and normally pays close attention to the construction quality and angles of a spot based on the logic that if it looks perfect, you can try anything on it. It seems to work very well for him and if someone happens to be there to capture it, that's cool with him but he's doesn't really care either way. With that in mind and without sacrificing further pixels, lets take a look at what the Flower Pot skatepark's finest creation has been up to…

This photo is from the sixth or seventh day of a trip to Las Vegas. Barney really struggled with sleep on this trip, mainly because of consistent late night romantic Skyping back to Europe, but either way he was ultra jetlagged and kept sleeping through breakfast. This photo was shot at something like 5 o'clock in the afternoon so Barney has been out skating since 10 a.m. and not eaten anything yet. He said he was so hungry he was dizzy and kept tripping out on being in the desert whilst he bombed the ditch to get to this bank to wall and that by the time he got to the actual spot, he had forgotten what trick he wanted to try. This pivot pop out to fakie is a trick from Barney's subconscious.

This frontside 180 in Las Vegas is pictorial evidence of Barney's beast-mode Flower Pot power and it's no coincidence that Barney had made it to the breakfast buffet this day.

A legal English alien captured in a quintessentially American school yard scene with a front blunt.

This back board is from the same day as the front blunt. He was on a really good one and boardslid this rail a bunch of times just for fun before a legit sacking let him know that he had been perching his jewels over a solid metal bar one go too many.

With In-N-Out burger waiting at the finishing lines, anything is possible. Fakie ollie for a Double-Double.

This spot is a weird one, the stairs take you to the elevated "Drivers Platform" of a very legit remote control car track. Barney wasn't too convinced about the workmanship on the wooden banister but decided a hurricane would work anyway.

This boardslide pop over is from a trip we took to David Reyes' hometown of Denver and under any other circumstances would be a highlight, but Barney's best memory from this trip was when he got to float past the Coors Light factory on an innertube in a river surrounded by juggalos whilst the worst fires to hit the Colorado countryside filled the sky with apocalyptic levels of smoke. David Reyes knows how to show you a good time!

This is the same ditch that Collin Provost front blunted, only the skate Gods know who did it first and they aren't saying anything. Either way, this is from the same session as Nick Garcia's hurricane cover of the 2012 Am Issue. Watching Nick and Barney skate this thing together was one of the most impressive things I've seen in a long time, this spot is gnarly! This wouldn't be the only time that Barney would feel robbed filming his etnies part; after switch 360ing the Cherry Park gap for his last trick, Ricki Bedenbaugh asked him to film a couple of roll up shots and they both got $600 skate tickets.