Bauhaus, Go Away White

Go Away White
Bauhaus Musik
    People are always going on about art versus commerce. That’s cool; it’s a legitimate argument. But what about fun? Things don’t always have to be profit- or concept-driven. What I’m getting at is, where does this new Bauhaus album (!) fit in? Sure, it’ll make the dudes a few bucks, but they’re probably pretty set financially already. Art? They honed and perfected their sound decades ago, and as progression goes, Go Away White isn’t reinventing any wheels. Which, I mean, why bother trying to not sound like Bauhaus, right? So where does that leave us if we can take art and commerce largely out of the picture? Well, sh-t, I’d imagine we’re left with fun.
I’ll bet that dudes met up over a pint and were like, “Y’know, we should do an album. Just for kicks, right? It’ll have to be pretty by-the-numbers, but hell, it’ll do these old bones good to just get in there and kick out the jams.” Yeah, that’s what must have happened because I’d sure hate to think that this is one of those let’s-get-the-band-back-together moments that are all depressing like a VH1 special, the only point of which is to buy someone another yacht after the first one sank that one night off the coast of Ibiza.—Andreas Trolf