Benji Galloway Wins The Tenth Annual Basic BBQ!

I’d like to start this story with a little history. I started skateboarding back in 1988 thanks to the thievery of my cousin Mike. He offered me an Eddie Reategui board with Tracker Trucks and Slimeball wheels for I believe $35.00. I didn’t ask any questions, I knew it was shady, but I just wanted to skate. I was thirteen years old then and I can’t even remember how I had that much money —which was probably shady too! So where is this story leading you may ask? The answer is The Tenth Annual Basic BBQ — my first though.

Dennis Lamb has one of the best backyards I’ve ever seen, and once a year he opens it up for a backyard skate contest. This years took place on April 26, 2003. Beforehand, I heard a lot of talk about who would show up and who wouldn’t. Past stories of Grosso, Lucero, and Lance Mountain were all told to me, and I was anxious myself to find out.

The house wasn’t too hard to find at all. Cars and Harleys double- parked with twenty kids skating out front in the street— this had to be it! I couldn’t wait to see what all the hype was about so to the backyard I trekked. Walking in I saw a line of people waiting, I hope I didn’t have to pay because I unknowingly walked right by. I was drawn to the sounds of the clover shaped bowl like a mouse is drawn to the scent of cheese. For all I know it could have been a trap but I didn’t care. The backyard was way crowded so I looked for an isolated place to camp out for the day — the roof, and Dennis was nice enough to grant me that permission to do so.

I missed the Grom and the Amateur sessions. I was bummed because I heard some talk about a kid called “the milkman” that just destroys it and I also wanted to see young Devin Lamb skate. To everyone’s pleasure Devon skated all day, dropping in on everyone and just killing it.

The Masters division included the likes of Dave Duncan, Chris Cook, Dave Ruel, and did I mention Eddie Reategui. Damn was I psyched! Getting to see him in person was just amazing. Imagine meeting and seeing the person behind the first board you ever skated, and maybe you can feel where I’m coming from. Eddie still rips! Pulling Smith grinds over the hips, smooth lines over the deathbox and stylish railslides — he definitely deserved third place. I do want to give a personal thanks to Eddie and my cousin; I may not be where I am at today if it weren’t for them. Gracious!

Next up was the pro division. I was amped that Ricky Stiles showed because the week before we were quoting a line from a video, “look, Ricky drank all this beer!” if you’re as old as i am you’ll know which video I’m referring to. His skating is still amazing to this day. Some of the other key players involved were the odds on favorite Benji Galloway, Jimmy The Greek, Jake Piasecki, and Mark Partain. The drop-ins were a sight to see, three or four people charging all at once. The crowd loved it, always hyping up the last man standing. At one point three guys were criss-crossing for a good 30 seconds which eventually led to Jimmy The Greek colliding with Benji. I think Benji had the contest won well before the collision but he still got back up, gave the finger, and charged back in! So yeah, Benji won the $1200 first place with Mark Partain $600 behind. I think everyone else received $100 for their efforts.

I know I’ve been covering a lot of pool skating lately, but how could I pass these opportunities up? I just think everyone needs to see what it is all about again. It’s an amazing part of skateboarding and not too many people can excel to the level that these guys are on. Try it some time and I guarantee you’ll see where I’m coming from!

Final Results Masters

1.Dave Ruel

2.Chris Cook

3.Eddie Reategui


Final Results Pro

1.Benji Galloway

2.Mark Partain

3.Jake Piasecki

4.Ricky Stiles

5.Jimmy The Greek

>6. Dave Ruel

7.Rune Glifburg

8.John Torchia

9.Chad Vogt

10. Chris Gentry