2009 has been a great ride for Benny Fairfax so far. Fresh off his long journey at the Battle Of The Berrics, the chaps at the Stereo Sound Agency gave Mr. Fairfax a promotion to pro status. What does pro status mean? A pro status party. The generous people at WESC hosted the Benny pro rager at the WESC store in West Hollywood with free tall boy Asahi’s and plenty of hard alcohol, music, BBQ, custom Benny ties and graduation caps, friends, and raging spirits. The night started off with a speech commencement hosted by ol’ blue eyes himself, Mr. Clint Peterson. Words of emotion said by Olly Todd, Chris Pastras, Danny Brady, WESC’s Gunther couldn’t have made Benny any happier. Once the speeches were over, the serious raging started. To say the least, everybody had a great time. Since I wanted to celebrate with my boy on his new success, I brought my assistant Heath Kirchart out on his first job. Heath nailed it. He learned the photographer power by hooking up some of his boys with introductions to the hottest babes by just asking them if they wanted their photos taken with them. The paparazzi just a block up the street at the Ivy would have been proud. All in all, the evening was a blast, and I’m pretty sure everybody is as hungover as I am. Congratulations Benny!

Color photos by Yoon Sul. B/W photos by Heath Kirchart