Berry Video Premiere

Upon arriving at the Silent Movie Theater at 6:30pm there already was a line down Fairfax. The crew from the Berry Video rolled up in style in a limo with a chauffer. Bracelets for admittance were handed out to all the kids in line. I do believe that the theater’s staff was not prepared to deal with skateboarders on a Monday night. After all the seat pillows were removed the front doors were opened and the first showing began with Boosh playing the Lakers intro song on the theater’s piano. The video started with a montage of crazy talent. The first part of the went to Scott Chraistiansen and Brandon Euan, followed up by Jason Jones whose last trick surprised the whole theater! After the Jones was John Rademacher with technical manuevers from all over LA County. Kurtis Colamonico did not leave the crowd disappointed with his part either. If Kevin Romar doesn’t get on a board company after his part, you must be tripping! Kane’s part featuring Nick Trapasso was good on the eyes and applause were in order for some long awaited footage. Closing out the video was Darrell Stanton who amazingly enough filmed his Element part at the same time as this video and both were remarkable! Go to and buy a copy now!--Joe Krolick

Check the slideshow for all the pics!

Photos by Chris Ortiz and Joe Krolick