ATV Offroad Fury Pro

ATV Offroad Fury Pro
*** (3.5)
ATV Offroad Fury Pro is Sony’s expanded sequel to Blazin’ Trails for PlayStation Portable. For you noobs out there, don’t let the title fool you: With buggies, trucks, snowmobiles, and motocross bikes to choose from, the game packs a lot more that just quad racing.
Gameplay: Thankfully, the twitchy analog-stick controls that plagued Blazin’ Trails have been tightened up--so get ready to blast serious mud in the faces of your wireless foes. Terrainwise, you’ve got 64 all-new tracks to pick from, and you can bust 30 different freestyle tricks in endurocross, rallycross, circuit, rally, and snowcross modes. Basically, you’ll never be short of options.
Graphics: In this PSP follow-up, the tracks themselves have been given the biggest facelift. Trees, plants, tires, ramps, and the riders themselves look so good, you could bring ’em to church (but only after you wiped off the mud).
Sound: Vrooom, vroom. You’ve heard it before.
Entertainment: The improved controls, nearly infinite gameplay options, wireless capability, and wicked-sharp graphics are dandy, but there’s still something rather humdrum going on.--Clay Staeshon