Xbox 360


Overview: The still-sought-after Xbox 360 has another of its voids filled—the simulated mech-combat game. Giant Robot magazine may have a more in-depth review of Chromehounds.

Gameplay: Two decades oooh after World War III (ooooh, spooky), an army of oversized war machines—a.k.a. hounds—take to battle on a pockmarked version of Earth. Chromehounds gives you six robot options: sniper, soldier, tactics commander, defender, scout, and heavy gunner. As you’d expect, the sniper is best at long-range kills, the heavy gunner blows the bejeezus out of everything in sight, and the defender… well, the defender’s just plain boring.

Graphics: The battlegrounds are pretty dull, and Sega’s designers scrapped the on-screen artificial-aiming reticule—this is rather lame too, because you have to aim with a tiny picture-in-picture window.

Sound: Explosions sound pleasingly explosive, so Chromehounds got one thing right.

Entertainment: I’m still in awe of HD gaming, so two stars is a bit of an inflated score.—Gamey Thomas