FlatOut 2

FlatOut 2


PlayStation 2/Xbox/PC


Overview: It’s a racing game! No, it’s a demolition-derby game! Wait, it’s a two-in-one racing demolition-derby game!

Gameplay: The game modes, broad range of options, and physics have all been dramatically improved since the first FlatOut game. Plus, nearly everything has doubled in size: There are now twice as many racetracks, twice as many cars, and twice as many mini-games. The only real downside is sponginess of the cars’ handling—it’s very easy to lose control of your muscle car, but the AI cars following you face the same predicament. All’s fair in FlatOut 2.

Graphics: There are two-thousand more destructible objects in FlatOut 2—all two-thousand of which are captured in bone-splintering detail.

Sound: Nickelback, Fall Out Boy, Rob Zombie… Sorry, I gotta dock ’em a star here.

Entertainment: The “ragdoll driver is good for added laughs. Drive carefully or smash into a tree, catapulting him through the windshield—it’s your diabolical choice.—Gamey Thomas