Big Business, Here Come The Waterworks

Big Business
Here Come The Waterworks
**** (4.5 out of 5 stars)

Big Business is Jared Warren (bass/vocals) and Coady Willis (drums), formerly of Olympia’s Karp and Seattle’s Murder City Devils, respectively. Thanks in part to Warren’s epically distorted bass riffage and distinctive bellow, Here Come The Waterworks will appeal to hardcore kids and aging Karp fans alike. However, for those kitschy MCD enthusiasts out there, this band sounds absolutely nothing like them. Free of the constraints of style placed on him by his former outfit, Willis has become one of the most inventive percussionists currently making heavy music. Watching him play alongside Warren is a thing of astounding beauty and power. This time around, Big Biz have again tapped producer Phil Ek (Shins, Built To Spill), and it sounds incredible. Bass-heavy without being too brown sounding and bright without being brash, this is high operatic drama re-envisioned as post-hardcore. And if that isn’t enough of an endorsement, Warren and Willis have recently joined the Melvins. In the world of underground music, it doesn’t get any more vaunted than that.--Arlie Carstens