Xbox 360


Overview: The new season in MotoGP championship racing, from the makers of MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology 3.

Gameplay: IGN named MotoGP’06 “Best Racing Game of E3 2006, but you’re reading this for my opinion, right? Accolades aside, the new motorcycles, race tracks (Shanghai, Istanbul, and Laguna Seca), and hi-def graphics in MotoGP’06 combine for one of the most realistic racing games to date.

Graphics: If you own an HD TV, you are so very stoked.

Sound: The 600-cc, 1,000-cc, and 1,200-cc engine classes absolutely scream from the speakers with crystal-clear digital quality. If you don’t have a banging sound system, do things on the cheap with headphones.

Entertainment: With the ability to play up to sixteen players online, your racing fantasies will blur with reality time and time again. But I get bored going in circles after a while, hence the one-star deduction.—Gamey Thomas