B.I.P.P.P., French Synthwave: 1979—1985

French Synthwave: 1979—1985

There are those times when I feel like an anachronism; when I wish I’d been all growed up in another decade—sometimes it’s the 1870s, other times it’s the 1960s, but most often it’s the late 70s and early 80s. Man, what a time to be alive! The world was full of wonder and people dressed like a party could break out at a moment’s notice. Like, one minute you’re sitting there in your blazer with giant Klaus Nomi shoulder pads just doing your taxes, and before you know it five-hundred of your closest pals from Studio 54 show up and you just have got to get down. Robots are everywhere playing funky synthesizers. Rick James and Ian Curtis are Indian-wrestling over by the kitchen. Gary Numan and Grace Jones are on the waterbed getting weird. Stuff like that just doesn’t happen these days.

But you know what? One day a CD marked “B.I.P.P.P. shows up at your house and you put it on and you just know. You know why people did so many drugs back then. Then you realize why they dressed like that. Or else you might just be inspired to buy a Moog off eBay and get down with some conceptual art. Either way, really.—Andreas Trolf