2K Games

Xbox 360/PC


Overview: You’ll play as Tommy, a Cherokee Indian who’s abducted by some nasty alien life-forms. All you gotta do is get the hell outta the spaceship, while killing everything in sight and saving your girlfriend to boot.

Gameplay: Prey is a mind-bendingly entertaining first-person shooter, in the same vein as the Quake and Doom franchises. As it’s built upon the same high-powered engine as Doom III, you’ll get to do many things new to the first-person genre—you can take your maelstroms to the walls or the ceilings, foes can be used as weapons (rip the legs off a spider, for example, and use it as a grenade), and you can unlock Native American powers like “spirit walking.

Graphics: Imaginative art direction, and the frame rate is sharp, avoiding the lag time that plagued Quake 4 on the Xbox 360 platform.

Sound: It’s all about the weapons. Why else would you play a kill-’em-all type of game?

Entertainment: I welcome any new addition—whether they be good or bad—to the first-person shooter genre, and Prey delivers in every area.—Clae Stayshon