Rogue Trooper

Rogue Trooper


PlayStation 2/Xbox/PC


Overview: Rogue Trooper is the latest in gory third-person shoot-’em-ups, based on the comic book by Judge Dredd publishers 2000AD.

Gameplay: As Rogue, one of four genetically engineered supertroopers battling the Norts for control of Nu-Earth, you’ll get to utilize one of gaming’s most unique core combat engines. See, Rogue and the other three supersoldiers have personality chips implanted in their skulls, so you can pop out the chips, snap ’em into your rifle, backpack, or helmet, and you’ve now got the assistance of three disembodied voices. Confused? Here’s an example: If your aim is off, the comrade chip in your gun tightens up your loose auto-aim. It’s kinda like having three auxiliary brains at your disposal.

Graphics: The combat is nothing special, but the unique weaponry —such as custom-made ammo and grenades—really lets those cyborg parts fly.

Sound: Grenade splashes sound bone-melting, and one-button instant stealth-kills sound, well, silent. But that’s a good thing.

Entertainment: The futuristic environments don’t look that fresh, but the fresh approach to killing things is pretty damn satisfying.—Gamey Thomas