Table Tennis

Table Tennis


Xbox 360


Overview: This isn’t your parents’ version of Ping-Pong--this is the World Series of table tennis. (Sweatbands sold separately.)

Gameplay: Choose your player, decide which circuit you want to play, and pick the venue. It’s as simple as that. The action starts off slowly, but eventually the pace quickens as you start to battle foreign countries for the title. It doesn’t take much skill to actually hit the ball. The skill really lies in the way you hit it. You can add some top spin, back spin, left/right spin, or a soft serve in order to outwit your opponent. Just like the actual game of Ping-Pong, it’s all about outthinking the other player.

Graphics: The characters are the best part when it comes to the graphics. Get aggressive with them and watch the beads of sweat start rolling.

Sound: A variety of beats serve as background noise, which is exactly what you want when you’re concentrating on the game.

Entertainment: Table tennis should be the new American pastime.--Daxter Lussier