Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Urban Chaos: Riot Response

PlayStation 2/Xbox



Overview: In this sometimes cartoonishly grisly first-person shooter, you play elite police officer Nick Mason of Unit T-Zone—the city’s zero-tolerance, “shoot for the head first, Miranda ’em second police force.

Gameplay: The gangs are 200 men strong and have cool personalities (the Pyros are fire lovers, obviously), the action is nonstop, and the weaponry—though not extensive—is high-caliber. Even the Taser guns can turn a thug from “incapacitated to “barbecued rather quickly, if you choose to prolong the electrocution that far.

Graphics: Even with a mere pistol, you can vaporize a perp’s head into a nice, bloody mist. And if that weren’t enough, Urban Chaos has a nice second-angle slo-mo viewpoint to spy that succulent brain matter even closer.

Sound: I always wondered why magazines wrote about sound. If you have dope speakers, the sound is amazing. If you have sh-tty speakers, the sound sucks.

Entertainment: I’m a sucker for total chaos reigning over a city, so this one’s a no-brainer. Buy it. Love it. And barbecue hoods in the privacy of your boring, unchaotic home.—Clay Staeshon