Black Label Video Premiere: Label Kills

On Sunday May 27, 2001 Black Label held a premiere for its first-ever full-length video Label Kills at La Paloma Theater in Encinitas, California. The video was shown twice to an almost full-capacity skateboard-hungry audience. For a skate premiere, it was actually mellow. No real chaos to report other than a late start¿but what’s new in the skate world? Between the two showings, the Label team was on hand for a controlled autograph signing.

Label Kills features the entire team: Jason Adams, Salman Agah, Wade Speyer, Neal Hendrix, Matt Hensley, Omar Hassan, Mike Vallely, Jim Gagne, Kristian Svitak, and ams Adam Alfaro, Ben Gilley, Wes Lott, Ricky Espinoza, Patrick Melcher, Jub, and Pat Smith. Even Jeff Grosso contributed some footage as well as Label Founder John Lucero. This video is stacked with skating and style.

Edited by Patrick Nagy, Label Kills was a thrill to watch. As a member of the audience, you couldn’t help but want to push the rewind button after everyone’s part. Black Label is premiering Label Kills across the U.S. and beyond. Major debuts will happen next weekend¿June 3¿in Tampa, Florida; San Jose, California; Cleveland, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; New York, New York; and Toronto, Canada. Check with the local skate shop in those metropolises for show times.