Blowing Bubbles With The Gonz

While in London and wrapping up his Megga America Communion Priest show at the dpmhi gallery, where he customized 1000 mechanical, bubble-blowing “priests, we caught up with the ever-elusive Mark Gonzales to talk about his latest venture into collaborative clothing and his work for Get Familiar.

Interview by Laurent Nivet and Eric Stricker

Obviously many clothing companies would love to collaborate with you given your great contributions to art, skateboarding, etcetera, but what drew you to partner with Maharishi for this special collaboration?

The idea that the actual priest would be able to blow bubbles drew me to this project.

Continuing in the theme of partnering with those who might not be the biggest company in any given arena, you spent a lot of time with Chris Hall this past year filming for his independent skateboard film, Get Familiar. With so many people and companies vying for your time, how do you pick which projects to work on? Do you feel it’s important to keep giving back to the smaller guys, work on smaller projects, and kind of keep it how things were done back in the day?

My answer to how I work would be on instinct, but of course I have a light that guides me.

What was your favorite experience while hanging out with Chris Hall and filming for Get Familiar?

When Chris was nervous and mumbled to himself, “This guy is trying to kill us. It was me, him, and Bobby Worrest in the car. I kind of have a psycho persona. He didn’t know who was driving the van—me or him. It was funnier than sh-t—like straight from a Warner Brothers motion picture.

Who is the best skateboarder you’ve skated with in the past year?

I like beginners. This worker under the Brooklyn Bridge banks. I held his hands while he stood on a board—his hands were so f—king sweaty. I didn’t want to be rude and say anything, but he went like four feet. He would have gotten hurt if I wasn’t there helping him for balance.

Has the bike kickflip become a reality yet?

No. not yet. I will make it. The more people doubt it, the more likely it will be possible. I guess the desire to prove people wrong creates a spark.

Check the slideshow to the left for pic of Mark and his Priest project!