Blueprint Premiere

Blueprint Lost And Found Premiere

Words and photos: Will Greenfield

The greatly anticipated Blueprint film Lost and Found was premiered at the Prince Charles cinema, Leicester Square, London on the 12th of March, 2005. The evening attracted the elite of the UK skate scene eager to see the biggest British release since 2001.

The filming of the video took the homegrown team all over the UK and to many of the more accessible and sunny parts of Europe. These trips bring superb variation to the spots skated, and with Danny Brady and Nick Jenson taking first and last sections respectively, it is the young guns who stand out. Neil Smith has a hammer filled part, Mikey Wright conitues his rise to prominence as an all around ripper, and the crazy-steeze of East Anglian Chewy Cannon shines through with some casual tech ledge tricks and nollie full cabs down double sets. Add to this the switch backside flips and backside 360s of Colin Kennedy, plus the dope unique styles of Paul Shier, Mark Baines, and Vaughen Baker and you have a shit-hot video well worth the wait. Not forgetting Scott Palmer’s mental tre flip on the tighest part of the now departed Lincoln banks. This video is bang on it!

The night deserved a good old knees up and the Cock Tavern was the top-choice of venue. Antics kicked off into full effect once the free beer tickets got in circulation, and when the Rollin Like Kings crew turned up everything got seriously messy. Mark Jackson selected some heavy tunes and the dance floor flew off the handle, with drinks being spilt all over. The usual knobheads passed out early, some drunk wenches got dribbled on and the carnage continued well into the early hours.—Will Greenfield