VIDEO / Nate Ilardi

The Huntington Beach stop of the Boardr Am went down this past weekend where Ke’chaud Johnson came out on top. As always, the ripping was plentiful and the day was jam packed with action. Check a few photos below, peep the recap video above and be sure to register for the next stop by clicking here. This year the finals will take place at Am Getting Paid in Montreal, Canada. Follow along and get all the details for the remaining stops here.

Dylan Williams, crooked grind.

John Dilo has a proper switch heel.

And proper switch flips, too.

Anthony Estrada, 360 flip.

360 flips were hot this weekend. Enzo Cautela has ’em on lock.

Christian Dufrene, front feeble.

Blue Wilson, wallie nollie out.

Ke’chaud with the biggest ollie of the day!

Top 3 from the weekend: Ke’Chaud Johnson (1st), Christian Dufrene (2nd) and John Dilorenzo (3rd).

PHOTOS / @chaz_miley

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