Bootlegs Steady Crushin Video Premiere


Bootleg premiered their video entiltled, Bootleg 2003 Steady Crushin, on April 18, 2003 at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood. Scott Kane, Pete Eldridge, Elissa Steamer, Brian Michaud, Ryan Nix, and Nick Trapasso were the six reasons why I went to see the video, and all did not disappoint!

The funny thing about video premieres is that the people who have them always have trouble getting in to their own premiere. This was the case again as I spotted Jeff Kendall and Sean Sterkin standing amongst the hundreds waiting to get in. They had the special wristbands that would get you free alcohol once you were in, but they couldn’t get in. How funny is that! I then proceeded to weasel my way to the front of the line (years of experience) and I was in. Five minutes later I saw Jeff and Sean, turned out the wristbands were their tickets in, I was psyched.

As we were waiting for the video to begin, these three kids kept walking by me and staring at me. They looked like cool little dudes so after about the fourth time by I started to talk with them. They asked me if I was Chet Childress but they noticed I was wearing Vans and not Nikes— my cover was blown. I don’t think I look anything like Chet but if I had a few beers and cursed a little more I think I could’ve pulled it off.

Lets talk about the video already!

The video started with some nice moves from Ryan Nix. I’d never seen footage of him before and I have to say his part was pretty damn amazing! It gave me a good feel of how the rest of the video would be — just good raw skating!

I love watching Elissa Steamer skate — She just goes for it! It seems she tries to land on her board no matter what. She’ll take the falls and land the next one perfect. From the gaps, stairs, ditches and all the other new spots she skated, her part is definitely inspiring. I liked the perfect switch backside flip she threw in at the end of one of her lines — the crowd loved it as well.

I think the most anticipated part of the night was Scott Kane(man or myth?). Holy hammers! What planet is this kid from? He is definitely pushing the limits of skateboarding and Mr. Kane has more than proved himself with this video part. We’ve all seen the sequences in the magazines and heard the rumors, but seeing is believing and Scott made believers of everyone. Switch backside heelflip to front nose?, that monstrous kickflip crooks?, backside noseblunt?, kickflip frontside noseblunt? : these could all be the last tricks used for anyones part, and Scott’s section is full of them. I can safely say that Scott Kane will be on the list for best video part.

Pete Eldridge ended the video with his Pete-like self. A barrage of switch tricks that left me confused. Half the time I didn’t know which way he was skating. All that came to a quick halt when he switched lipped this too long of a rail. All I heard from the crowd was whoooooaaaaaa! That’s when I knew which way was switch for him.

I’d like to end this with a quote, “It is not the neutrals or lukewarms who make history.”

For you East Coasters, the Bootleg video will be premiered on April 25, 2003 at Jons Bar and Grill in Philadelphia, PA. Call Nocturnal Skateshop for more information: 215-922-3177

For the Euros’, the London premiere is scheduled for May 3, 2003 at the Mean Fiddler Club located at 157 Charring Cross Rd. WC2H. Steady Crushin’ at the Mean Fiddler— sepatown!