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It’s rare to see an amateur skater do anything outside of riding a skateboard. Understandably. That’s the level most need to be on to progress and master their craft. However, some ams manage to develop and find time for their other interests. Dolan Stearns gets creative on both the drawing board and skateboard (Dolan’s full part in Meet The Lurkers—it’s insane!).—Luke Callahan

Portrait: CRUZ

Delving into art and other creative outlets is something we don’t usually see from skaters until they are older/sorer. How do you dedicate time to art as an am?
I’ve been doing art for as long as I’ve been skating, so I do them both equally. I actually think I do more art than skating. I find myself drawing all the time. I also work as an art assistant with Kelsey Brookes so I’m still painting even when I’m at work. I’m helping him paint his stuff. There’s some really fine detail. You’ve got to be real precise with the brush so it fits in perfectly. All that small detailed stuff takes time.

How did you get the artist assistant job? How long have you been doing that? 

I’ve been working with him for probably like a year. I got connected through Tyrone [Taylor]. Kelsey came out to one of my shows and asked me, and I just started doing it. It’s an awesome job.

What brought you to your rugged portrait style? Is there any relation- ship between that aged look and the general wear and tear from skating?
Not really. I don’t even know how I came up with those characters. I think it was when I was skating for Termite back in the day and on our way to Tampa Am I was looking through a magazine on the plane ride over. I saw this character or face, and I think it was the nose that really got me. I just started doing that face and over time it just became its own. They’ve just grown.

Artists you draw inspiration from?
I look up to Kelsey for sure. It’s cool being under his wing. He’s on a totally different level with his art. Graffiti- wise, there’s this dude from Europe who writes HORFE. That’s where I got into doing drawing in a big mass of creatures. I also look up to KIZE TVC.

Favorite project you’ve worked on?
There was a downtown show in San Diego that I got the opportunity to paint for. It was fun. I liked painting with just brushes on big stuff. It was like 20 feet tall. You can actually size up and make it more human size. I got to paint with a bunch of cool dudes that I like look up to. CATCULT, they’re a really big crew I look up to.

Future art projects?
I’ve got a couple collabs that I’m going to do with Dane Danner. More shows. A website and doing that stuff so I can sell prints. I want to make zines more. I’m just always on the move and doing different stuff.

Check out a sampling of Dolan’s art below. See more from Dolan at @sorry_entertainer


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