Brandon Biebel Interview

Brandon Biebel
Interview by Atiba

Was this your first time in Europe? No, I’ve been there, like, three other times. I went to Spain once, and I went to Germany and some other countries for some summer contest shit.

So out of all the times you’ve been there, would you say this time was the funnest? No, the first time I went there I didn’t have to do shit. I just basically went out there just to f-kin’ have fun, and I had so much fun for two weeks.

What was the goal on this one? Just to go out there, skate, and whatever-I was only out there for like half the f-king trip. Excuse my f-kin’ language, but whatever. I went out there for ten days, and we had to do a shitload of demos. We skated all day and traveled to a bunch of different little cities and countries, so ten days was kind of like “acting” in the time that we had to do a bunch of shit, and we did.

Okay, so that was your first time to France? Yeah, my first time to France and Portugal.

What did you think about France when you got there? France is pretty tight; I liked how their cities were set up-the buildings and whatnot-and skated at cool spots. The people are pretty chill-like, the people who just skate are really cool. The people in the cities were f-kin’ pricks. But I saw the Eiffel Tower, that was kinda cool.

Okay, do you think it’s a better place than Sacramento, California? No, I think we’ve already established that. I think Sacramento is the best place on Earth. That’s where I choose to live because of my friends, my family, and all my skate spots. That’s where I feel comfortable, so nowhere is better than where I live.

So, after France we went to … Spain.

And how was Spain? Spain was tight. I went there once before, but I was in Barcelona. This time we went to Madrid, so it was kind of cool to check it out. It was good-I like Spain a lot. There’s a bunch of good stuff to skate. Whatever, it was cool.

What about the stuff you skated this time in Barcelona? Was it pretty much all the same stuff you hit up before? Yeah. I think every spot we went to this time I’d already been to, but it’s still a good spot.

Do you think you’d ever post-up there for a long time? Probably not. It’s kinda cool how people have been going there, getting little apartments, and skating. I mean, that’s a good idea, you know? I’d be down to do that, but for me to rig up an apartment, I just can’t see myself doing that. If it was already set up for me, yeah, I’d like to go out there. Spend like a month or so and just skate and have fun.

It’s not better than Sacramento? No, we’ve already established that.

What did you think about Portugal? Portugal was pretty f-ked, if you ask me. Shitty-ass food, everyone got f-kin’ sick, no skate spots, rough-ass ground, and sketchy-ass fools. That’s about it.

Do you think it was sketchier than Brazil? Yeah, it was sketchier than Brazil, but I liked Brazil. It’s my favorite place I’ve ever been.

There was a grip of demos on this trip. Do you think there’s a difference in doing demos for European kids than kids in America? I can’t really tell the difference. I just go to the demo and skate. I don’t really worry about them. I just go out and skate the skatepark with everyone else. Just probably the same shit.

Do you like doing demos? No, I hate demos, they’re not my shit. I don’t like f-kin’ skating in front of a bunch of people, especially if I’m not feelin’ it. Sometimes I feel like, “Yeah, we’re out here to do demos, so I gotta skate demo.” And it’s not fun to me, especially if it’s a shitty-ass demo at a busted-ass skatepark. Sometimes it can be fun, like, if you’re at a good skatepark with your homeys and everyone’s skating. Yeah, it can be a lot of fun, but most of the time I’d rather just f-kin’ kick it and do something else.

Would you rather skate a contest or a demo? Neither.

As far as traveling, we drove to one place and fllew to most of the others. Which did you like better? We drove from France or somewhere to Spain and it was like four fuckin’ hours, and it was pretty cool. Like just different than being in an airport super early, checking your bags in, getting in a plane, landing, getting your shit. Like you can just jump in a car and go and stop when you want to stop, and you’re on the ground and not in the air. It was kinda cool.

How was it traveling with everybody on the trip? It was tight; I like these kinda of tours just ’cause everyone was like “go.” Everyone gets along and givin’ fives, and I like the way everyone skates and their personalities and everything. It was just fun, everyone getting along with each other. Everyone was just down.

Who did you room with most of the time? I roomed with myself for half the trip. The other times, I was roomed with a big damn wolf (Dan Wolfe) a couple nights. I think most of the time I was in my own room.

Why were you in your own room? Shit, I don’t know. I got handed a key, went to my room, and ended up having my own room.

Do you think there was a reason you were by yourself? You need to chill with that shit, Teebs. Actually, f-k that-I don’t give a f-k. I don’t know … probably because I wil’ out all the time. Actually don’t use that, Teebs. Whatever, I had my own room for half the time I was there, and the other half I was roomin’ with a couple different people.

You don’t think it was because you get too crazy? Could be, I don’t know. I wouldn’t be the dude to answer that question. I didn’t get the rooms-I just got handed a key and went to my room.

When we went skating street a lot, it seemed like you were always skating with Marc. How was that? Marc?

Yeah, it seemed like you guys were always the “two dudes,” you know what I mean? Skating together. You guys don’t skate in Sacto together do you? No, I never really even met Marc Johnson until this trip. I mean, he was cool. I just got off the plane and was like, “Hey, Marc. How you doin’?” And we just clicked from the start, like, whatever. We were just pretty much amped to skate, you know? (Mike) Carroll got hurt, (Anthony) Pappalardo got hurt for a little bit, some other people were getting food poisoning and whatnot, and Marc and I pretty much felt good a lot of the times. We just got along-kicked it at nighttime and skated throughout the day. It was tight. Marc Johnson’s my dog.

If there was something you could bring from back home on the European trip, what would you have brought? Probably my TV and my cable because I like watching TV.

What do you like to watch? I like watching sports.

Like who? I like watching (MLB’s San Francisco) Giants games. I like watching any NBA game, preferably the Sacramento Kings. Right now, I’ve been watching the San Jose Sharks because they’re in the playoffs. My roommate got me on that shit. I like watching Blind Date, late-night talk shows, and the Playboy Channel. F-k, I like watching TV.

Tell the kids who haven’t been to Europe what’s on TV there? A bunch of channels I can’t understand. There’s CNN, but that shit gets old. I’m not tryin’ to know about politics and what’s goin’ on in the damn world. Just nothin’ but negative shit on the news anyway. I like watching funny shit or sports. So most of the time in the hotel I’d order some movies or some shit like that.

What kind of movies? From American Pie to porno to f-kin’ whatever the hell else.

And what about the girls in Europe? How was it? Did you meet any? No, we didn’t have time to go out. I didn’t even go out one night the whole time I was there. You know, I did go out one night to some bar for a drink for about an hour and then just came home, and that was about it. I mean, there was some bangin’ girls out there. I saw ’em throughout the day or whatever, but I don’t know any French, Portuguese, or Spanish, so I wasn’t even tryin’ to holler.