This was to be the sickest griptape team trip ever because it so happened to be the first-ever Bro Style (aka Sickness Brothers) team trip consisting of Leo Romero, Dakota Servold, Mason Silva, Corey Glick, Matt Bennett, our little buddy David Reyes who has since moved on to greener pastures, and cover boy Cole Wilson. And let's not forget HK. That's right, Heath Kirchart came along. But would he skate? That was the million-dollar question. With my old ass not going on many trips these days, I have to choose any time on the road wisely because I'm not trying to get stuck in a van full of dipshits who complain constantly or can't produce, but I knew my Sickness Brothers were the real deal. I had been on an eswic trip the past year with most of this crew and knew they didn't screw around. They handle business like pros are supposed to. All day, every day was a mission to bust. No bullshit. Our target destination was Arkansas with a little bit of Oklahoma thrown in there. I had no clue that there was such a plethora of rad spots in this tiny pocket of the country known as Gnarkansas. The locals were also incredibly nice and rad to skate with: Jono Sinclair, Nick Gibson, Shawn Rogers, and the Boardertown Skate Shop crew. It turned out to be one hell of a trip and one for the books. Thanks to all the Bro Style crew including Mike Sinclair and TJ Gaskill for having me along to document such amazing shredding from guys I love. Until next time, my brothers of sickness.
Words and Photos by Jaime Owens


Bro Style crew (aka Sickness Brothers)

Corey Glick, backside tailslide. Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Corey's got style for miles—especially since he cut his Tiny Tim (from the Howard Stern show) haircut from the previous trip we went on. It was distracting. And I know, I know, this is coming from a guy who's bald.


Corey Glick, backside tailslide. (click to enlarge)

Dakota Servold, stalefish. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
This was a cool and different spot for this handrail- heavy trip and was even cooler to find out Dakota has stalefishes on lock. Yeah, Kodi Boi! The rest of the crew watched this session from a local dive-bar window in the parking lot below, and one of the local bar bums tried to catch a ride with us but was denied on fear of the possibility of him becoming a corpse in the very near future.


Dakota Servold, stalefish. (click to enlarge)

Cole Wilson, frontside nosegrind grab. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The first heavy trick to go down on the trip, Cole was just hinting at how he was about to fuck things up over the next week. How about that cover trick? Holy hell.


Cole Wilson, frontside nosegrind grab. (click to enlarge)

Matt Bennett, slappy 50-50. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
I've always been a fan of Matt, and this was the first photo we ever shot together, so I was hyped. Matt has been getting behind the lens a lot lately too and filming with his VX, so be on the lookout for his Matt B-Sides on soon.


Matt Bennett, slappy 50-50. (click to enlarge)

Mason Silva, alley-oop frontside 180 into bank. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
One of the newest BroStyle team riders, Mason was fairly quiet in the back of the van during the beginning of the trip, but once he saw this spot and did this fucked up trick, his skating spoke for him with power and control. And he's also got great taste in music for such a young ripper.


Mason Silva, alley-oop frontside 180 into bank. (click to enlarge)

Leo Romero, frontside five-0, Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Leo got fired up to buy some baseball gear early on the trip, so anytime we were near a field we turned into a bunch of jockers and played baseball with only one glove. During one game he was crowding the plate as it's known, and I popped him in the back with a fastball. He was still able to five-0 the shit out of this two-story handrail with a bruised back.


Leo Romero, frontside five-0. (click to enlarge)

Mason, backside kick flip, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Crusty spot with crusty ground, Mason didn't flinch at stomping a solid backside flip over this rail. That boy good.


Mason Silva, backside kickflip. (click to enlarge)

Heath, frontside ollie, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Heath didn't even touch his board for the majority of the trip because he was too busy gambling with everyone on sports games, the next jukebox song that was going to play, and even who was going to sleep on the floor in his room. I lost that bet one night. But when we got to Boardertown skatepark for a demo, things changed—Heath put down his iPad that I thought was glued to his hand and skated nonstop on this boat-shaped mini-ramp with a big ol' smile on his face.


Heath Kirchart, ollie. (click to enlarge)

Leo, boardslide, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
This was in the back of a hotel, so some of the guys tried to run a distraction at the front desk while we skated. This wasn't too hard of a task because the guys said the girls working the front were pretty hot. Their game must not have been on point that day though, because the girls quickly saw through their thinly veiled flirts and came to kick us out. Leo only had a few minutes to roll away from this double-kink boardslide.


Leo Romero, boardslide. (click to enlarge)

Corey, heelflip into bank. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Another one of the few spots we skated that wasn't a handrail. This one had a spracker overpass dweller hanging out on the session creeping everyone out. He tied his dog to a post at the bottom of the bank and walked away, so the guys had to dodge the puppy while going Mach 10 down the bank. It didn't hamper Corey's booster of a heel flip at all. He good like that.


Corey Glick, heelflip into bank. (click to enlarge)

Dakota, boardslide up. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
It's not too often (or ever) when two monumental tricks go down at the same session. With Dakota and Cole feeding off of each other trying to go upstream, Dakota made this boardslide first and went all the way over the top to make this a triple-kink boardslide up. Wow, epic trip boys. Let's do it again.


Dakota Servold, boardslide up. (click to enlarge)

Sickness Brothers Tour Video

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