Busted Shoe Diaries: Dakota Servold Pro Party

Entry #4: Dakota Servold Pro Party
Childhood photos, Tempster-drawn pro boards, and a leaked dick-pic decorated the walls last night at the T.F.R. gallery in Leucadia, California when Dakota Servold entered to realize he was now pro for Foundation. There were plenty of cans to cheers for family, friends, and lurkers who have been waiting for the kinked rail assassin to graduate from his amateur status. Guests were kitted in matching “Dakota’s Pro?” T-shirts to surprise Servold on his arrival, witness his¬†pinata distruction, and high five Foundation’s newest pro. Check the photos!

Busted Shoes Diaries: A record of events, transactions, or observations kept at frequent intervals. All entries are filmed and edited in aged sneakers characterized by thinning gum rubber and extreme toe wear.