Carlos de Andrade Wins The Vans Triple Crown Of Skateboarding.

Carlos de Andrade is now $18,500 dollars wealthier. The little guy skated amazing all weekend and definitely deserved a long overdue first place prize. Yeah, he may have been the smallest guy out there, but he went bigger and faster than everyone (except Josh Evin’s who finished in 4th place). Carlos went down hard in his first run. He slid out in a weird way and landed with all his weight directly on his arm. At first, I thought his elbow or arm might have been broken, but Carlos shook it off and regrouped for his winning second run. Kyle Berard also finished in first place, but unfortunately he was tied with Carlos. The tiebreaker scores had Kyle in second by less than a point. A tough break, but I’m sure the $10,500 he received consoled him just fine. By the way, Paul Machnau skated beautifully and finished in third place. Not bad, eh? Actually, the course looked a little small for him.

In other news, Ryan Sheckler surprisingly did not win this contest, but he did take the Street overall points award and a check for $10,000.

I give Tony Trujillo the Rick “Flair” award for the rocking the best hat of the weekend. Other candidates included Salman Agah, Darren Navarrett, and Al Partinen. Sorry fellas, but Trujillo’s Judas Priest type hat took top honors.

Bob Burnquist proved to us once again that he is not of this Earth. He just comes to visit every now and again. His skateboarding skills are seriously on another level. Nearly half of his tricks in his winning run were switch. The only thing he missed was a switch back tail-slide to revert at the end of his run. In doing so, he lost control and flew off the ramp and into some spectators. Need I say anymore? I mean, the name Bob Burnquist says it all! He’s on a path that not too many people will be able to follow, if any.

Some vicious injuries took a few of the skaters out during the vert finals. Lincoln Ueda was soaring higher than everyone, but right before his second run (in a warm up line), he flew onto the deck a little too fast and overshot the metal edged extension. He suffered a severe cut to his leg that required stitches. Anthony Furlong went down next. He literally knocked himself out of the competition when he tried to stick a trick near the end of his run. Within the blink of an eye he lied unconscious and bloodied. I overheard someone say that he broke something and I can only assume that it was his nose or jaw. But, you know what happens when you assume things, “You make an ass out of u and me.” I hope Anthony’s doing well.

For those of you who couldn’t make it out this weekend, the Xbox World Championships of Skateboarding (this contest) will air on NBC Sports on December 20th at 3 p.m. EST.

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Street Final Results

1. Carlos de Andrade
2. Kyle Berard
3. Paul Machnau
4. Josh Evin
5. Wagner Ramos
6. Greg Lutzka
7. Rodil Jr.
8. Chris Senn
9. Ryan Sheckler
10. Chad Fernandez
11. Daniel Vieira
12. Chris Haslam
13. Any Macdonald
14. Austin Seaholm
15. TNT
16. Nilton Neeves

Vert Final Results

1. Bob Burnquist
2. Pierre Luc Gagnon
3. Jake Brown
4. Andy MacDonald
5. Chris Gentry
6. Mathias Ringstrom
7. Buster Halterman
8. Tas Pappas
9. Mike Crum
10. Bucky Lasek
11. Anthony Furlong
12. Sandro Dias
13. Lincoln Ueda

Ladies Street Results

1. Vanessa Torres
2. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins
3. Patiane Freitas

Ladies Vert Results

1. Cara-Beth Burnside
2. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins
3. Holly Lyons

Day One – Thursday

The street course looks rather mellow this year, which was quite a relief. The last thing I wanted to see was some crazy extreme looking set-up with a superman jump thing thrown in there somehwherre (unless that’s street skating now-a-days?). The design offers a good mix of ledges, pyramids, gaps, rails, banks, and some transition. All in all, it’s laid out rather well. Some guys got there tech on while other went fast and big. My personal favorites of the day had to be Tony Trujillo (duh!), Nilton Neeves, Chris Haslam and Greg Lutzka. Lutzka also pulled the sickest move of the day with a gap ollie out to noseblunt slide. Click on the video link for highlights of day one.

There were three qualifying heats and only 23 skaters moved into the semifinals. The only problem was that I couldn’t write all the names down fast enough. I write pretty damn fast too, but I guess not as fast as Dave Duncan can read. The top three skaters join pre-qualified Chris Senn (last year’s Champion), Rodil Junior, and Austin Seaholm and advance directly to the finals. Here’s the list of names that I finished with.

Day 1 qualifiers:

Pre-qualified: Chris Senn, Austin Seaholm, Rodil Junior

1. Chris Haslam
2. Kyle Berard
3. Ryan Sheckler
4. Greg Lutzka
5. Wagner Ramos
6. Josh Evin
7. Daniel Vieira
8. Rudolfo Ramos
9. Tyrone Olson
10. Wolnei dos Santos
11. Paul Machnau
12. Dayne Brummet
13. Carlos de Andrade

???? I don’t know in what order, but I was able to write down the names: Malcom Watson, Nilton Neeves, Chad Fernandez, and Aaron Snyder.

21. Mike Santarossa
22. Tony Trujillo
23. Neal Mims

Not bad as only four names are missing.