Today at the Agenda Show in Long Beach, California, we threw our Cash On The Table contest presented by Kayo. Tons of rippers came out with plenty of pop and got rewarded with Benjamins for their efforts. A select list of ABDs was posted on a banner and 100 bucks was awarded for the first one done while NBDs got 200 dollars or more depending on what the judges (Marcus McBride, Karl Watson, Chany Jeanguenin) felt like handing out. First place on the day went to Tiago Lemos who nollie flipped the table twice in a row, nollie varial flipped it, and switch pop shove-it’d it. Fellow Brazilian and Boulevard and DC rider Carlos Iqui got second with a barrage of tricks including switch frontside flip, nollie backside flip, nollie 360, switch backside flip, and fakie hardflip! Third went to Shmatty Chaffin who nollie inward heelflipped it and nollie bigspin kickflipped it. Honorable mentions went out to Dane Vaughn for a half Cab flip and Andre Genovesi for a straight nollie heelflip. Thanks to Kayo, adidas, Agenda, Mitchell & Ness, CCS, CA RampWorks, and Red Bull!

Photos / SHIGEO