Hubba-Berg, CCS and adidas’ brainchild of a contest, went down yesterday in Portland, Oregon on the loading dock behind the CCS store. You might remember this location from last year’s El Torito contest! A mixture of SF’s Hubba Hideout and Wallenburg, but scaled down a bit, heads from all over came to get their licks in. Tim O’Connor lent his humor to the mic, and OG Shorty’s Steve Olson was even on hand! Scroll down to see the flicks, and head over to our Facebook for the live stream replay.

Presented by adidas

Jaws was quick to it with a crooked grind.

Tim O’Connor on the mic, Cullen Poythress in the foreground.

Karl Watson was checking the talent.

Matt Gottwig, backside tailslide.

Product for tricks.

enjoi’s bounce house.

Miles Silvas, switch backside 50-50 warming up.

Miles Silvas, frontside noseslide.

Listen up! Matt Price has something so say!

Ethan Loy with a front feeble tribute to Mike Carroll.

Miles Silvas, kickflip nosegrind.

Zach Allen, bluntslide.

Miles Silvas, switch heelflip backside tailslide. Did this one ever go down on the real Hubba?!

Felipe Gustavo, switch kickflip backside 50-50.

Kader Sylla, Barley grind.

Ethan Loy was going off. Fakie Ollie hurricane come out straight.

Wait what? A mall cop!?

They put on skate stoppers mid contest?!

Kader ain’t havin’ it!

Miles Silvas, switch backside heelflip.

Jaws with that kickflip melon.

Trevor McClung, switch kickflip.

Dominick Walker, frontside kickflip.

Chris Joslin, switch frontside bigspin heelflip.

Ethan Loy with the cash 40s.

WKND’s dunk booth.

Get your polaroid with Joslin at the etnies booth.

Nora bogarting all the four-0s.

Henry Gartland came up!

etnies bros, Joslin and McClung.

Steve Olson and Tim O’Connor.

Steve Olson and Matt Price. We out!

Photos: Kyle Seidler