Check Out Andrew Pott

Age: 15

Home: Inglewood, California

Sponsors: Shorty’s skateboards

So we went to this spot to skate, and Chris Ortiz started talking about how some dude was killed by a mountain lion last year right up the street. Andrew started getting all nervous with the talk of mountain lions and bobcats-I guess you don’t really see those in Inglewood. Anyway, this kid will get all techy on a ledge and jump down some of the craziest stuff with no fear, and most of the time he’ll land his trick first try, but he’s still afraid of mountain lions. It’s not very likely you’re going to get eaten by one, but it’s still funny to me how skateboarders have the most unusual fears.

Andrew’s a truly amazing skateboarder, though-he’s dedicated, consistent, and just blows my mind every time we skate. Already he seems like he’s been on Shorty’s for years. He’s also been teaching Fabrizio the alphabet-way to go, Andrew!-Benny Blanco