Check Out: Brandon Case

Age: 20
Home: Long Beach, California
Sponsors: Scarecrow (flow), Satori (flow), etnies (flow), Green Room Grip, Furnace Board Shop, Sub-Genus, Seventh Letter

Favorite dead artist: I want to say Ron Cobb, but he’s not dead. So I’m going to say Joseph Nicephore. Check both of these people out.
Favorite part in A Time To Shine: Chad Tim Tim.
Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: Sean Sheffey just to see what’s going on in his world now.
After-session meal: Carne asada tacos.
Tricks that always look good: The simplicity of the ollie will always make me say, “Damn.”
Best place to take a skate trip: Albuquerque should definitely be a skate stop for anyone.
Best thing about being am: I’m still skating strong.
Best black skater in the world: Kevin Taylor.
Most prized possession: My life and health.
Name a favorite album: Cat Fur.
TV show so good you’d tape/TiVo it: None, I don’t watch TV
Good advice someone gave you: “You live, you die, so fly.”

Originality? 1: The ability to think and act independently 2: The quality of being new and original (not derived from something else).
I tend to think everything is derived from something else. Brandon has the unique ability to absorb quality inspiration, thus producing quality inspiration. I like skating with this kid-he always has a fresh perspective on any spot or trick he may be trying to adapt to. In this way it just makes you get the feeling to do the same. I especially like when people’s skateboarding reflects their personality. Brandon is one of those skateboarders. I hope you have the chance to be inspired by him for some time to come.-Jason Masse