Check Out Brandon Westgate

Age: 15

Home: Wareham, Massachusetts

Sponsors: 5boro skateboards, Volcom, Etnies, Venture trucks (flow), Hubba wheels (flow)

Brandon is that kid-you know, the little kid you see at every spot absolutely killing it. The kid who’s like a foot shorter than everyone else and five years younger than them, too, but still kills it. He’s a fearless fifteen year old with an unusually sick style and a trick list that never ends. It’s not uncommon during a session for Brandon to one-up everyone and eventually one-up himself. He pushes himself hard, but you can tell he loves every second of it-smiling as he rides away. He’s the kid who started skating because it’s fun-that’s why companies like 5boro, Volcom, Etnies, Venture, and Hubba show him love.-Steve Rodriguez