Check Out: Chris Gregson

Name: Chris Gregson
Age: 16
Hometown: Irvine, California
Sponsors: Birdhouse (flow), etnies (flow), Ambiguous, Active, Destructo, Type-S wheels

What size iPod are you running, and what’s the last song you listened to: I got a mini iPod. “Here Comes Your Man” by The Pixies.
Best video part of ’06: Chad Tim Tim in A Time To Shine.
What would you do if you got drafted for the war: Break my arm or something so I don’t have to go.
Favorite person to film with: Richard Bacon.
Talk sh-t about someone: Dumb people go to Harvard Skatepark and film people without asking and make montages with them in it.
Now say something nice about someone: I love everyone at
Last concert you attended: The Sounds.
Tour horror story: Minnesota-I broke my wrist at the same park two years in a row.
Favorite candy: Take 5 or Twerps.
Words to live by: But he who endures God until the end shall be saved-Matthew 24:15.
Favorite TransWorld cover: Garrett Hill’s switch tailslide on the Oceanside hubba.
Who hooked you up: My mom and dad because of all their support, the Loy family, Neal Hendrix, John Francis, and, of course, God.

Chris Gregson is one of the new generation of skaters who can rip absolutely any skate terrain. Feeble a fifteen-stair rail? Yep. Kickflip indy to fakie on vert? Check. Crailslide in a backyard pool? No problem. Over the past few years, I’ve seen Chris mature as a person and as a skateboarder, and it’s always fun to skate with Chris because he possesses a true love for skateboarding and having fun. I’ve seen him slam his brains out and get up smiling and laughing. He is a little tweaked, though; he claims his favorite bands are The Sounds and Motley Crue, which means he is obviously too young to realize how lame Motley Crue really is. If you see Chris, tell him to get some meat on those bones-he’s going to break himself in half. – Neal Hendrix