Check Out – Conhuir Lynn

Age: 18

Home: Belfast, Ireland

Sponsors: etnies, Blueprint, Quiksilver, Thunder Trucks

First video you saw: DuFFs, Wonder Years.

Soundtrack of your life: Van Morrison, Sweet Thing.

After-session ritual: Cigarettes and a beer!

Can’t live without it: A skateboard and the smell of home.

Visual inspiration: Arto skating anything, and the sunset when I was in Finland.

Best use for a computer: Downloading music and skate vids.

Favorite skate spot: The old St. Annes in Belfast-that spot was like Love Park, but they tore it down as well.

Conhuir Lynn is an amateur on his board as well as

in life. He is much better on than off. Much like a newborn baby deer covered in umbilical juices fresh from the womb, he is new to this world. At a tender eighteen, he maintains the innocence of a two year old while managing to look a haggard 30. He is from Belfast, Ireland and is a fantastic individual. If you don’t know where Ireland is, look at a map. They have good crack there-I suggest you try some. Nice one, mate.-Ewan Bowman