Check Out: Dallas Rockvam

Dallas Rockvam
Age: 21
Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa
Sponsors: Element head to toe, Bones, Swiss, Venture,
Sun Diego, True

What size iPod are you running, and what’s the last
song you listened to: Nano iPod, the sounds of Sublime.
Best video part of ’06: Jerald Chew, Bag Of Suck.
What would you do if you got drafted for the war: Go
to New Orleans.
Favorite person to film with: Shizzervision.
Talk sh-t about someone: Jedi is still a virgin, but his mind is pregnant.
Now say something nice about someone: Thank you to everyone who has ever helped me.
Last concert you attended: Soul Rebels in The Big Easy.
Tour horror story: Driving across America and not being able to see out of the windows is pretty wack!
Favorite candy: Neon Worms.
Words to live by: “Live life like the captain of a
sinking ship.”-Sluggo
Favorite TransWorld cover: Geoff Rowley, lipslide on an apartment rail-steep.
Who hooked you up: Jason and Reed at True, and John

My goal in life, besides growing a man beard, is to die fighting a grizzly. Dallas’ dream is to work as a gas station attendant in Iowa.
I’m serious! I suppose he wants the simple life, but for now he is content schralping on his shred stick (check out Elementality V.II) and traveling with the Element team, which will give you plenty to talk to him about when he is pumping your gas.-Levi Brown