Check Out: Danny Scher

Age: 19
Home: Oceanside, California
Sponsors: Crimson, Pig Wheels, DuFFS, Asylum Skate Shop

Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: John Cardiel.
Your favorite am: Angel Ramirez.
Last skate video you watched: Through Being Nice.
Last non-skate mag read: FHM.
What do you spend too much money on: Food and tattoos.
Goals in skateboarding: I wanna travel.
Recommended Web site:
Things youd rather do than skate: I’d rather skate.
Biggest fear: If I couldn’t skate or hear.
Most underrated band: Nihilist.
Trick you’re sick of seeing: Uhhh.
Phrase/word you overuse: “Word.”
Give thanks: Everyone hookin’ me up, my homeys, NS EM family.

Danny reminds me so much of Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Just look at him and tell me you don’t agree. I guess you could say he skates like Mel would, too: super fast and pissed off like he’s in a battle to overthrow the English and free his beautiful country of Scotland-except Danny’s not Scottish. He actually hails from Oceanside, California. I met him at the Oceanside skatepark when he was just a lad. Recently, the park was shut down, leaving all the skaters and lurkers of Oceanside devastated. When Danny was interviewed by news people and asked his opinion on the demolition of the park, he proudly replied, “You can take my skatepark, but you’ll never take my freedom!”-just like the character William Wallace in Braveheart. Get the hint, Danny’s awesome.-Jimmy Astleford