Check Out: Dave Caddo

Age : 27
Home: Brooklyn, New York, Dobbin Block
Sponsors: Creation, Satori, IPath, Anonymous skate

Favorite dead artist/musician: Lead Belly.
Favorite part in A Time To Shine: I still haven’t seen
Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: Ryan Nix.
After-session meal: Pizza slice and a margarita from
The Hat.
Tricks that always look good: Nate Jones’ backside flips.
Best place to take a skate trip: Seattle.
Best thing about being am: Being a grown-ass man, or
maybe that’s the worst thing.
Best black skater in the world: Mike Rosa, but he’s
only half black. Does that still count?
Most prized possession: I only own the bare
essentials, nothing special.
Name a favorite album: Get In Where You Fit In, Too
TV show so good you’d tape/TiVo it: Curb Your
Good advice someone gave you: “Don’t worry about doing
things wrong the first time around. It helps to know what not to do.”

With the few gems of coverage Mr. Dave Caddo gets in the mainstream skateboard media, it’s quite easy to come to the conclusion that he’s not of today’s typical “star skateboarder” mold, but what you might not know is that Caddo’s repertoire of tricks is just as mean as that of the hot up-and-comer eighteen year old. Yes, the creativity thing is obvious, and Dave is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable people to watch on film (check Joe Castrucci’s old Solid video and Fat Nick’s Anonymous flicks out of the ‘Nati), but plain and simple, he has been and remains to be one of the best
Skateboarders, period.-Eric Stricker

“Good things come to those who wait.” Caddo’s versatility and unique style will end him up in the Hall Of Fame Of Life.-Fat Nick