Check Out: Donnie Mitchell

Age: 21
Home: Chino, California
Sponsors: Listen Skateboards (flow), Adio (flow), Aciti
ve Ride Shop

Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: Joey Brezinski.
Your favorite am: Rodrigo Peterson.
Last skate video you watched: Probably the enjoi video.
Last non-skate mag read: Honda Tuning Magazine.
What do you spend too much money on: My ’96 Honda Accord.
Goals in skateboarding: Just to have fun and travel.
Recommended Web site:
Things you’d rather do than skate: I’ll figure that out when I can’t skate anymore.
Biggest fear: Not succeeding in life.
Most underrated band: The Diplomats.
Trick you’re sick of seeing: Basic tricks down big rails.
Phrase/word you overuse: “Just kidding.”
Give thanks: Vern Laird and the Listen family, everyone at Active, Travis Howell and Kenny Anderson with Adio, my family, my girlfriend Akina, and of course God.

I first saw Donnie skating at a Hot Dogs And Hessians event about two years ago. I thought to myself, “Who the hell is the tall-ass lanky dude rippin’ everything with a smooth style?” I worked for another company at the time that is now out of business, and I wanted to hook him up then, but I knew there was no way in hell that would ever happen, because I knew those guys would never want anyone new on the team. I had my eye on Donnie, seeing him skate at random places, and I still couldn’t believe he wasn’t hooked up yet. So when we started Listen, I knew he would be one of my first flow dudes. Shortly after, Kenny Anderson saw him skating and wanted him to start getting shoes from Adio. Then Quy Nguyen saw him skate and wanted him to get clothes from Analog. When you see Donnie skate in person, you too will see what Kenny, Quy, and myself see in him. Steez for days!-Vern Laird