Check Out – Gizmo


Age: 20

Home: San Jose, California

Sponsors: Lucky boards, bearings, and grip; Venture Trucks

The first time I met Gizmo, I was like, “This guy’s from the ‘hood.” He had a goatee and was wearing black Dickies with creases down the legs, matching shoes, and a white shirt. He’s not a gangster—he just grew up around them. For the past four years, I’ve watched his progression and style explode. He’s always down to travel and has respect for all the kids he meets. If you get a chance to watch him skate, he’ll definitely impress you.—Ears

The dude has a death wish. If you’ve seen the shit he jumps down and the calm attitude he approaches it with, you can tell his heart pumps no fear. Gizmo … I don’t even know his real name, but his single-name status doesn’t make him less approachable—he loves the kids.—Eric Brockman