Check Out: Jackson Pilz

Age: 14
Home: Coolum Beach, Australia
Sponsors: Billabong, Vans, Plan B, Kwala

Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: Colin McKay or Jake Brown.
Your favorite am: Shane Cross, Dave Harris, Sam Winter, and Karl Bayldon.
Last skate video you watched: The C1RCA one.
Last non-skate mag read: The ones in the planes.
What do you spend too much money on: Coca-Cola.
Goals in skateboarding: To make a living out of it, and more travel.
Recommended Web site:
Things you’d rather do than skate: Nothing.
Biggest fear: Clowns or people dressed up in monkey suits.
Most underrated band: Johnno And The Trannies.
Trick you’re sick of seeing: The last trick that beats me in a game of SKATE.
Phrase/word you overuse: “Shotgun!”
Give thanks: Family, Bartos, Rodney and Ann, Andy Mackenzie, Renton, Scotty G, Ali Cairns and family, Jake and April Brown, Bucky Lasek and family, Jocke Olsson, Sascha Steinhorst, Russell Grundy, the guys at Plan B, Andy Scott, Josh Roulion for being my brother on the streets, and everybody else that I’ve met along the way-cheers!

Jackson or Jacko is a rare sight these days-or any days, for that matter. The kid is fourteen and can truly shred anything. Don’t be surprised to see him flying down stairs or hauling ass through a ditch, maybe even skating vert or shredding a bowl like there’s no tomorrow. Chris Senn was well impressed with him, so that’s enough said there. Keep it going Jacko. Big things, homey.-Jake brown

Jackson is the kind of kid you don’t know what to expect when you first meet him. After a few days on different terrain, I realized the kid just likes to rip anything that’s in front of him and doesn’t
complain about spots. Huge fullpipes, sketchy ditches at a sewage
plant-whatever. He’s just happy to be rolling around the world at his age skateboarding.-Chad Bartie