Check Out: Jacob Walder

Age: 16
Home: San Jose, California
Sponsors: Baker, Ice Cream, Mada, Bones, Silver, Street Machine

Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: Terry Kennedy.
Your favorite am: Antwuan Dixon.
Last skate video you watched: Cheese And Crackers.
Last non-skate mag read: Uhhh, none.
What do you spend too much money on: Benihana’s hibachi dinners.
Goals in skateboarding: To learn every trick possible.
Recommended Web site:
Things you’d rather do than skate: No idea.
Biggest fear: Dogs.
Most underrated band: I don’t listen to that crap.
Trick you’re sick of seeing: No clue.
Phrase/word you overuse: “You’re trippin’, cuz.”
Give thanks: My sponsors-Ice Cream team, anyone else
important, holla.

From blowouts to shape ups, wack gear to fresh-to-death, obscurity to fame-ladies and gentlemen, Jacob Walder. This kid is living proof that word of mouth and talent to back it up go a long way. Everything else speaks for itself.-Nino Scalia