Check Out – Jameson Decrew,

At age 19 Jameson Decew is a tough guy with a tough style. He attacks his tricks and drives through them like a solid punch. He likes fast cars and fast women and always puts the chicks in overdrive with his turquoise 5.0. The kids got a mouth on him, always talking’ smack, especially to Heathmo.

Kooch, over at Element, gives him boards; otherwise Decew reps Identity Board Shop, rides for Venture Trucks, and likes skating in Vans. So if you see a turquoise muscle car pull up to a spot, and some long haired Hessian that looks more hee-haw then bro-bra gets out, he’s probably going to huck some carcass so get out the way.

People who have helped Jameson in his carcass hucking are: Ryan Denman, Joey Surel, Heath”Mo” Brinkley, Scott Lafever, Justin Williams from Venture, Brian Marcucci, the Mongo Madness Crew, and all the one night stands.