Check Out: Jimmy Cao

Age: 18
_Home: San Diego, California _
Sponsors: City Skateboards (flow), DVS (flow), Matix (flow), Willy’s_ Workshop

Favorite dead artist: Hugh Mundell.
Favorite part in A Time To Shine: Tim Tim and Dylan.
Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: Peter Smolik.
After-session meal: Souplantation.
Tricks that always look good: Backside flips.
Best place to take a skate trip: Shanghai, China.
Best thing about being am: Skating without buying product.
Best black skater in the world: Kellen James.
Most prized possession: My homeys.
Name a favorite album: Dubside Of The Moon.
TV show so good you’d tape/TiVo it: Family Matters.
Good advice someone gave you: “Rome wasn’t built in a

I met Jimmy about three years ago at the ASR show in San Diego, which happens to be Jimmy’s hometown. A mutual friend of ours introduced him to me as having the best frontside flip in the biz-what a statement. Usually when I hear this I run for the hills, but Jimmy’s footy had promise for sure. For the last couple years Jimmy has been sending me updated footy on a consistent basis, and every time I can see his progression-from his trick selection to his ability to skate weird spots in S.D. that not everyone is skating. What I like about Jimmy the most is this: he graduated high school, he’s smart, and he can skate better than you.-BeerGut