Check Out: Kevin Romar

Name: Kevin Romar
Age: 18
Home: Cypress, California
Sponsors: Mada Clothing, Ice Cream Shoes (flow), Popwar Skateboards (flow), Furnace Skate Shop, Bones Wheels, Electric, Fury Trucks (flow)

What size iPod are you running, and what’s the last song you listened to: Sixty gig, fo’ sho! Kurupt, “C Walk.”
Best video part of ’06: Nick Trapasso, Suffer The Joy.
What would you do if you got drafted for the war: Cry. Haha, no I wouldn’t get drafted because I have asthma.
Favorite person to film with: Corey Cabrera or John Berry.
Talk sh-t about someone: Jacob Walder likes bananas, that li’l monkey.
Now say something nice about someone: My mom makes good chicken.
Last concert you attended: Dem Franchize Boyz and Li’l Wayne or something.
Tour horror story: Ate at some Hawai’ian restauraunt in Hawai’i and the buns on my Hawai’ian teriyaki burger were blue. I asked if that was normal and they said yeah! Next morning I woke up with hives.
Favorite candy: Skittles, Starbursts, Watermelon Rings, Sour Patches, Gummy Bears.
Words to live by: Sleep when you’re dead.
Favorite TransWorld cover: Bob Burnquist, Grand Canyon stunt.
Who hooked you up: Scott Kane, Jacob Walder, and Julian Davidson.

What’s there to say about li’l Kevin, a.k.a. K Dizzle, a.k.a. Sisqo. I mean, of course he’s a good skateboarder, but the kid is always fresh to death. Definitely up on his style points, along with having the capability of being able to varial flip over your house. Warning: if you ever see him in person, try not to get jealous of his nollie heelflips, ’cause no matter what you do, you will most likely never get them as good as him. The only problem Mr. Romar has is not being able to bail from any trick he tries. So this cracka is on his way to the top, accepting nothing but the best. -Scott Kane