Check Out – Nick Matlin

Check Out

Nick Matlin

Age: eleventeen

Home: New Port Nowhere, Florida

Sponsors: Supernaut skateboards, Venture, Westside Skateshop, Lucky wheels, FKD, Dragon, FREAM team

Rarely do I run across someone who can have a profound impact on how I use a skateboard. Seven years ago I met Nick Matlin. For the last third of my skateboarding life, Nick has been a huge influence on how I seek out the fun in skateboarding. Every day with Nicky has been all about skateboarding. He’s been gone most of this year, and I find it harder and harder to get the hell away from a computer to skate because he was the one who always made my friends and I go. He keeps skateboarding like it should be—fun and between friends.—33

This is what some of his friends have to say about him.

“Nick Matlin reminds me of Method Man—he rolls up to a spot, lights it up, smokes it, and rolls away.”—John Montesi

“He keeps going and going and going just like the Energizer Bunny. He’s been skating strong for over thirteen years. He may have even had a full beard thirteen years ago, but don’t let that fool ya.”—Brian Schaefer